Fort Worth

We just got home spending the ‘first Christmas’ of the season with James’ family.  We always enjoy spending time with them-don’t get me wrong, but, GOSH! Asher sure makes it hard to really enjoy the holidays right now.  Is it his age?  Or that he is a boy?  Or a sign of things to come with his personality?  I don’t know, but what I do know is that pictures don’t lie…(okay, sometimes they do when I cleverly photoshop them, but I promise, these pictures were not photoshopped!)  🙂

‘Bruiser’ was his nickname on this trip because he received

a busted bottom lip, a rubber burn on his chin from the mall playcourt, and an

unknown head injury

Lollipops kept him content, (he still is looking for trouble in this picture),but if

you dare take the lollipop away because there is nothing but the stick left…

you get this
and this

James’ Christmas in Fort Worth could be summed up as “Sprite and Saltines”.  He got food poisoning right before we left and he never fully recovered the whole time we were there. Poor guy!


The girls had fun playing the ‘money game,’ as they called it, in Oma and Papaw’s dining room.

There was no shortage of fun for the girls!  Ella with her game face!
Cindy, Braden, Ben, Asher, Ella, Bear, Rilyn, James, Mandy, Allen, and me
the kiddos

1 Response to “Fort Worth”

  1. December 26, 2009 at 10:43 pm

    I LOVE the lollipop picture! Asher – Keep it up…keep your mommy on her toes! 🙂

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