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it was an accident

On Wednesdays I usually babysit 7 kids throughout the day.  It is wild and crazy but my kids love having their friends over all day and I love helping out my friends!  This afternoon, one of the boys came downstairs to tattle on Ella for drawing on the carpet.  Ella quickly came downstairs to tell me it was an “accident” (she was holding a dry erase marker because she was drawing on the whiteboard easel).  I didn’t even go upstairs to check, and just thought she probably swiped a short line across the carpet.  (Our carpet upstairs is pretty gross and we should of replaced it when we moved in, but thought, “it’s a giant playroom-so what’s the point?”)  Anyway, tonight I went upstairs to get something and this is what I saw…

This masterpiece was about 12 inches long and 6 inches tall

Ella, dear. I don’t think this was an “accident.”