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we pretend to believe

In our house we “pretend to believe” in Santa Claus.  The girls know that Santa is pretend.  Why?  Because we want to keep our focus on the birth of Jesus at Christmas time.  (I truly believe families can do this and still ‘believe’ in Santa, but in our family, our conviction is to keep Santa pretend.)  We still like to sit on Santa’s lap and read stories about Santa and watch Polar Express though.  The girls’ have big imaginations and as much as they like pretending to be princesses, they can also pretend Santa comes down their chimney as long as they know it’s pretend!  So this year, for their annual Santa lap shot, Rilyn told Santa she wanted, “an ipod and a phone.”  (Whoa!  If this is what she wants at 5, then we’re really in trouble when she’s a teen!)  Ella said she wanted a new nightgown.  🙂

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Ella-almost 4!
Rilyn-5 1/2