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I am a sucker for buying class photos and yearbooks.  Why?  For reasons below.  I knew my Lexington Jr. High (in Cypress, CA) yearbook would be useful one day!  😉

If you own a television, you have probably heard of the new Fox show, glee.  I do not watch it regularly, but I’ve seen an episode or two because some of my friends love it.  When I first saw the Spanish teacher Will Schuester, played by Matthew Morrison, I said to myself, “That guy looks just like I guy I went to school with-Matt Morrison.”   Nothing clicked.  ‘Matthew’ and ‘Matt’ are apparently totally different names to me.  🙂

Finally a couple of days ago, at a totally random time of the day, it clicked!  I DID go to school with him!  But I had foggy memories of when.

I looked him up in my yearbooks, and it turns out I only went to 8th grade with him.  Apparently, I thought he was ‘funny’ as I wrote that below his picture.  (Yes, I went through every student I knew in my jr. high yearbooks and wrote something about them on their picture!  Again, it must have something to do with my curiousity for people.)  I remember he was in Theatre Arts at Lexington and I must of had a class or two with him since I thought he was ‘funny’!

Here is his 8th grade picture circa 1993: