finally foliage!

I love to take pictures.  I got a new camera that I love.  I have certain pictures that James and the girls know mommy NEEDS to take each year.  They are, (besides the obvious holiday/birthday ones), pictures in the bluebonnets and pictures in fall foliage.  Now the first is way easier than the second because of where we live.  I resent that sometimes.  Each year, I’m on a hunt, and what usually ends up happening is I get of picture of them in dead leaves (because at least their brown.)  Today though, I got some pretty good shots of the kids in my parent’s backyard of all places(I’m not saying this is ‘Boston in the fall’ type leaves but they’re decent)!  I think I found my new annual fall foliage spot (I hope!)  Enjoy!

This is some of my past ‘fall foliage’ (i.e. dead leaves)

From November 2006
From November 2008


From November 2009
From November 2009
From November 2009
From November 2009
Ella’s look just scares me in this photo…

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