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pumpkin personality

At the pumpkin farm this week, the girls got to decorate their own mini pumpkins. They could of stayed at this station all day but I gave them a limit when we approached the 30 minute mark. These decorated pumpkins perfectly describe my daughters’ personalities. Rilyn’s pumpkin-meticulously wrapped yarn (of every color they had) around the stem and hand-drawn rings (of every color marker they had) around the base of the stem.  Ella’s pumpkin-all about the excessive.  Too much glue and too much yarn.  I think her pumpkin says it all and if you know her, you have probably seen her ‘mess’ of emotions, especially when she is tired!

art time!
Rilyn and Ella

pumpkin farm pics

sweet Ella 3 1/2 years old
Rilyn 5 years old
hay ride
Oh look Asher smiled for one picture!  (But of course there was not

one pumpkin in sight!)

sisters rock!

pouts at the patch

Asher and I will be going back to the pumpkin patch this month. He thinks he outsmarted me today. He ‘played me for a fool’ because his mommy didn’t get any decent pictures of him in the pumpkins. He will learn. You don’t mess with this scrapbooking mama. I will succeed. Next time I will be smarter too. Think pumpkin traps and maybe some candy.

Yes, that is a flying pumpkin in the air.

I gave Asher a little pumpkin trying to distract him enough

to elicit a smile, but he just called it an ‘apple’ and threw it.

More ‘Boys 101’ lessons for me.  They like to smear and splash

their hands in dirty puddles on the ground.


a different point of view

When I posted last about past pumpkin patches I was reminded of a certain incident that occurred at one of the visits.  It happened when we went to the Elgin pumpkin patch in 2007 when Rilyn was three and received a disposable camera.   It was definitely a ‘blog worthy’ moment then, but I didn’t have the ‘encouragement’ that I do now to post this.  (You know who you are! )

At the Elgin patch there are plenty of farm animals to pet and look at.  Rilyn, having received this camera, was eager to take pictures of many of the animals by herself.   When we got home, I sent the camera in to get developed so Rilyn could put together a little photo album of her trip to the pumpkin patch.  Well….a couple days later when I picked up the developed pictures, I was very glad that I went through them before I let Rilyn see her photography skills.  The first picture in the stack definitely caught my eye!  You must click here to see due to the graphic nature.  (Keep in mind, a three year old is only a certain height and so when she thinks she is taking a picture of a horse, well, it is a horse, but just not the face…get my drift?)

*If Rilyn ever becomes a famous photographer, she will kill me for this!  😉


pumpkin patches of past

My kids aren’t being funny, I have no deep thoughts(or good ideas), and I haven’t been taking any pictures lately, so I have nothing really to blog about. But, James is gone, and I’m bored, so I’m going to humor myself. So, here you go…pumpkin patches from the past! (I’m trying to get myself psyched up for the big pumpkin patch photo shoot on Monday. It’s not going to be fun, but I will succeed!!!!!!!!)

Rilyn 2004, 5 months old
Rilyn 2005, 17 months
Rilyn (2) and Ella(10 months)-2006
Ella(22 months) and Rilyn(3)-2007.  This is when Rilyn fell head first onto our

driveway a couple days before!

Ella(2), Rilyn(4), Asher(6 months)-2008

what’s gonna work? TEAMWORK!

Wonder Friends!
Wonder Friends!
We're on our way
To help a friend
And save the day
We're not too big
And we're not too tough
But when we work together
We've got the right stuff
Go, Wonder Friends, ya'ay!
*Theme song from Wonder Pets (in case you don't have a preschooler or don't let them watch cartoons)

Levi's got the pedal, Rilyn at the wheel

*This was totally their idea at Fuddruckers today after church! I just happened to have a camera to capture the sweet moment!


thirty something

Happy Birthday James!  You are definitely 31 years young!
The girls and I made this Jell-o cheesecake for daddy since it is one of his favorite desserts! We celebrated with birthday cake a night early so that we could be with our community group from our church, the Austin Stone. (Our girls love a party!)  This picture is a very accurate reflection of you! Kids (11 are actually around him, although only 6 1/2 are actually shown), are drawn to you because of your child-like personality and playfulness! I love that about you!

Levi, Rilyn, Ella, Halle, Anna, Jake, and Asher’s faux hawk

My photography business!

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