rising to new levels

This past weekend, my sister styled Asher’s hair in a faux-hawk.  James loved it and now requests for me to do it each day!  I’m not positive, but I think this faux-hawk style is making my sweet little 17 month old boy into a little stinker!  (Or maybe it’s just “boys will be boys” like James tells me, and I’m just not used to their odd behaviors!)

Anyway, it’s not just Asher’s hair that is rising to new levels!  I caught him doing all of this today!

Standing on my end table in the living room!
He has reached and opened the door knob to our room.

Now he is trying to figure out the backyard door!

Once again, standing on a table!
Uncle Ben with Asher pondering how he can get in trouble next!

(picture taken from this weekend)

P.S. My girls never did this!


1 Response to “rising to new levels”

  1. 1 Carson
    September 25, 2009 at 4:04 pm

    Fauxhawk Asher has finally given a face to “lil Noel”.

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