the weekend

Our family had a busy weekend!  On Friday, the kids and I headed to the neighborhood pool for 3 hours (mom record for me!)  At the splash pad, Rilyn shot Ella in the head.  Nice aim.

Where was James this weekend?  Oh he was golfing, playing paintball, and going to the movies with the guys for our friend, Carson’s, wedding!  Tough life always going to bachelor parties!   The kids and I headed to Temple to stay with my parents and we went to a local musical, Beauty and the Beast, which was excellent. Rilyn must of picked up Ella’s bad habits of posing and so poor Belle got a little more than a picture.

The next day, Sunday, Asher, (in my care), took a tumble (rather a twirl) into my parents banister spindles that have corner edges around the bottom. You can guess where he landed.

Fifteen minutes later, I was off to the wedding! (My dad is a doctor so I knew he was in good hands in case the goose egg became more…)
Carson’s wedding brought many dear Aggie friends together again. Fun times had by all!

me, Casey, Jen, and Kim

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