ain’t no party like a wedding party!

We’ve been blessed over the last 11 years to be a part of our dearest friend’s weddings! Yesterday, James was in our college friend,(and now we go to church with him), Ryan King’s, wedding and it got me thinking of all the wedding parties we’ve been in. We did have a 7 year streak going…but our streak ended in 2008.   2009 wants to make up for that ‘lost year’ so James is in another wedding next month and there is always potential for another one later this year!
My first wedding to be in was 1998 and James was in 2001. Let the streak begin there…

Tommy Jones wedding-January 2001-James is a groomsmen

From L to R:  Carson, James, Noel, Tommy, Kevin, Jeff, Casey, Julia, Courteney, Matthew, and Halim

Matthew Rice’s wedding-June 2001-James is a groomsman

Tommy, Matthew, James, and Halim (notice Noel and Carson in the background famously jumping in other people’s pictures)

Kim Hill’s wedding-June 2001-I was a bridesmaid

Yep, that is Jen standing next to me

That takes us to 2002!

Halim Suh’s wedding-Dec. 2002-James is a groomsman


Jeff and Jen’s wedding-August 2003-I was a bridesmaid

2004 (sorry for the bad pic)

Becca Gray’s wedding-July 2004-James is a groomsman


Casey Pettett’s wedding-January 2005-I am a bridesmaid


my brother’s wedding!-May 2006-James and I are both in the wedding party

James is in a wedding but it is out of state and I couldn’t come, so obviously no pictures were taken!

Kristy Hilton’s wedding-Dec. 2007-I am a bridesmaid(I’ve known Kristy since I was 3!)


Ryan King’s wedding last night

1 Response to “ain’t no party like a wedding party!”

  1. 1 Kristy
    July 29, 2009 at 2:30 pm

    What a clever idea for a blog! (And thanks for reminding me how much I loved my wedding dress:)

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