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these days…

Rilyn is jumping off diving boards in the deep end without any floaties! (Granted she jumps as close to the side as possible!)

Ella keeps dressing up in the nasty Snow White wig. (I thought I threw that thing away!)

Asher points to his eye when you ask him. (He also points to his eye when you ask him to point to his mama, his nose, his toy…) Baby steps people! He’s the 3rd child!!

Rilyn keeps losing teeth! She lost her 2nd one last night. She wanted “God to get this one out.” No more Dr. Mommy I guess.

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!

James went on a 3 day Colorado trip with some college friends for a bachelor celebration.

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organic + Paquettes= ?!?!

If you know our family, you know that we aren’t the most sophisticated or perhaps disciplined family when it comes to our diet. While we try and ensure that plenty of fruits and vegetables are a part of our family’s regular diet, we are not picky about where the food we eat comes from.

However, I am starting to become more aware of exactly where the food we eat comes from and what it goes through before it hits my palate and let’s just say, I have no intention of ever eating a quarter-pounder again. This recent awareness was probably inevitable being that we live in Austin. (For those who don’ t know, Austin and organic are somewhat like Austin and independent music). So when Julie suggested we try out this new ‘organic’ burger joint today, I was much more inclined to say yes than perhaps I would have been in days past.

So we packed up the minivan and took one small step toward an organic lifestyle by heading over to the new TERRA BURGER located off Research Blvd. On the way over, I find out from Julie that her reasoning to check out this new place is the playscape they have for the kids, (not necessarily for the ‘organic’ side of life).  The food was good and the kids had a blast.  From Ella’s perspective, “We can live here!”

For you ‘Austinite’ families looking for a organic way to have some family fun, check it out.

  1. Cell phone pics

DISCLAIMER **(This is Julie, and after previewing James’ post, I just want to clarify that I have NO intention of going ‘organic’ and I was only eating at Terra Burger for the kids playscape. I love my chocolate and junk food too much.)

And yes, regardless of the source, burgers and fries are not necessarily the most healthy meal, but hey, it’s a start right?


in the lightweight division we have…

Asher is 15 months old today!  We just went to the doctor and he is 60th% for height and 25th% for weight (almost 23 lbs.)  Tall and lean!  Here are some pictures I had fun editing!


‘Asher the Basher’ Paquette!


a true love for reading

Asher’s favorite book to read (and eat!)


summer days

Children’s museum, birthday party at My Gym, Yogurt Planet, and the pool…just another Saturday!  😉

My Gym
My Gym

Melissa Sandvig’s husband

Back in May, I blogged about how I had lunch with Melissa Sandvig (ummm…haven’t heard of her? Top 4 ladies on So You Think You Can Dance!) when we went on our Disney vacation. The reason I met her is because her now *famous* husband is my friend from 2nd grade! So, on our vacation, a bunch of us old friends ate lunch together.

Erik is such a sweet, supporting husband to Melissa. You may have seen him every week on the show doing something like this in the audience:

It’s no surprise to me. Look at him back in 1989!

Erik trying to ‘get seen’ AGAIN

So, what is the point of this blog today? Please VOTE for Melissa next week and get her to the top 3 ladies!! (And don’t you want to see what sign Erik will be holding up???)


just for fun

Another hobby of mine, (besides scrapbooking), is editing pictures (WOW-those two hobbies work really well together! ;-))  I’ve had a lot of fun over the years…I even won an online contest with one picture.  When I first got my editing program in 2005, I did a lot of experimenting (at the expense of my poor daughter!)

Here’s the proof:

My photography business!

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