some day my prince will come…

Rilyn had her 5th birthday party on Saturday and we invited Cinderella to be our hostess!   She was lovely and the big surprise was Prince Charming popped in to present Rilyn with a diamond necklace!  (Really Prince Charming was Rilyn’s aunt’s boyfriend who is such a sweet heart for renting a costume!  And it was totally his idea!)  Rilyn was very shocked and started blushing!  Her party was so much fun because I didn’t have to host it!  (I highly recommend this route in party planning!)

I always wonder why you want to ‘hit’ your favorite character.  You would think the pinata should be the uglystepsisters or something.
So this is how Rilyn’s face was the whole time Cinderella told the story about how she got to the ball.  It was so cute!
Let me tell you, she wanted very badly to answer every question that Cinderella asked!!  And she got every answer right too!  “Who knows the names of my stepsisters?  What is their cat’s name?”…
Prince Charming, Rilyn, and Cinderella
Rilyn wanted a Barbie Cinderella cake.  I like how Cinderella will even hold your child’s hair so it doesn’t catch on fire!

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