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Summer lovin’.

From June 2009
From June 2009
From June 2009


Yesterday evening, it was just me and Asher hanging out while the girls were at the pool with daddy.  I was trying to check my e-mail, but I kept getting distracted because my son would walk by me and be carrying this…

sisters’ necklace

or this…

his sisters’ tiara

or a high heel…

These must be Jimmy “Chews”  😉

or even a diamond braclet!

From June 2009

Seriously, it was like I couldn’t take ‘the toys’ away fast enough, (of course I first had to snap a picture so I can tease him when he is older)!  And right after I took the offending object, he would go find another girly accessory to play with!  I’m told not to be too concerned yet, he “doesn’t know the difference,” but you would think he would at least pick up one of his ‘boy toys’ (hammer, truck, football…) to play with.

Oh well, at least after he picks up the accessory, he likes to throw it down with a quarterback-like arm (at least that is what I tell myself as he sits in his sister’s princess throne holding a wand…)


(And I’m now choosing to ignore that his favorite toy in the car is his sister’s Little Mermaid cell phone.)


the plasma pokey

Sing with me!

You put your right arm in (jacked from Monday)

You put your left arm in (jacked from Thursday)

You wonder why you keep donating

but you do the plasma pokey and you keep getting paid

That’s what it’s all about!

From June 2009

To make a long story short:
Couldn’t donate in right arm because of bruise from Monday
Had to donate in left arm which has tiny veins
My vein started puffing up like a bubble while donating
Lost some blood (not supposed to happen),
Nearly fainted TWO times (one in the chair, one in the waiting room)
Had to lie flat on my back in the front waiting room with 20 other people staring at me while I get ice packs all over my body and have to eat crackers
The end.

Will I donate again? You betcha…just gotta have both arm bruises go away and I’m clear!
So, I do the plasma pokey and I keep getting paid, that’s what it’s all about!
(oh yah, and I’m saving lives!)


don’t let things become kings

We had our “family night” last night and decided to focus on not letting “things” become more important than God.  As we started I told Rilyn and Ella that we were going to pretend we have to leave our house quickly.  We have only 5 minutes to gather up our favorite toys, books, stuffed animals.  Everything you are going to take must fit in your backpack.  When Ella walked in the room after the timer went off she told us, “I’m ready to go to heaven!” I’m pretty sure she really thought that is where we were going. So, after the time was up, we looked through each of their backpacks and discussed why they selected each item.

Rilyn’s backpack of precious ‘stuff’

Next, we read Matthew 19:23-24   Jesus said to his disciples, “I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

I held up a needle and explained.

eye of the needle

It is impossible for a camel to get through this hole in the needle!  Jesus is saying that it is impossible for a rich man to get to heaven. Why? Because when the rich man dies, he is no longer rich as the world defines rich, he can not take his stuff with him! The rich man and the poor man go to heaven with the same amount of material possessions-nothing!
(After this, Rilyn began crying because daddy told her she could not take her bear to heaven. Ella then began crying because daddy told her no blankie either!) Ahem- BUT you don’t need to be sad girls because there is even better things in heaven then bears and blankies! I can’t wait to go to heaven to find out!  To which Rilyn replied, “Is there even a gold kitchen?!?”  We’ll have to see…;-)

Alright, let’s put on your backpacks and get ready to play a game! You have to try and get through this tunnel with your backpack on without messing up the tunnel! (You obviously make the tunnel low enough so that they can not do this successfully.)

oops, can’t seem to go through this right!
Ella collapsed our tunnel with her backpack

So, in order for the kids to succeed, they will have to leave behind their backpacks full of stuff.

What a load off!

You then ask the kids how it felt to leave their things behind?
Rilyn said, “It was easy because then I knew I could get through the tunnel and not mess it up.”

Jesus talks a lot about money and things. He warns us not to love toys, our home, etc. more than God. (Give examples: not giving to the poor; reading all kinds of books, but not the Bible…)

In the first activity you had to pack your backpack. Is there anything in your backpack that reminds you of God? (Sadly, neither girls thought to pack their Bibles…sigh.)
In the second activity we had to crawl through a tunnel. What if our house had been on fire and we had to crawl out to get out safely? People who try to escape the fire and cling to things may not get out safely. Jesus’ story is about a man wanting to get to heaven. We need to be careful not to let “things” become more important than God.


Daddy’s Day!

James, Happy Father’s Day!  I couldn’t begin to imagine a better daddy for our children!

My favorite thing to watch is when you lead our family nights/devotions and how the girls cling to every word you say about our Heavenly FATHER.

Rilyn’s favorite thing about you this year was when you visited her at her preschool.

Ella’s favorite thing is when you color with her.

And Asher, well, he told me he loves when you shoot hoops with him on his Little Tikes basketball hoop.  😉

We love you!!!!

From June 2009

recipe for walking

Don’t you just love the first stages of walking in a toddler? I have to remind myself that Asher will soon be walking like a big boy and to cherish all of this ‘toddling’. Now you know the recipe for walking at this stage, right?

Equal parts tummy and booty. Add a dash of flapping arms and hands and you’ve got it!

From June 2009
Excellent balance between tummy and booty ratio.
Asher shows off his mastery of the ‘tummy out’ technique


we’ve been doing happy dances in our backyard because it’s summer time! (where Rilyn learned this…I don’t want to know!)

Ella may look innocent in this picture but she is really

peeing on the grass.  (Hey, don’t judge me until you have 3 kids

with wet bathing suits on and one needs to go potty but you have a baby in the pool!)

From June 2009
From June 2009

ella’s first recital

Saturday night was Ella’s first dance recital.  She had a great time and never was scared to go on stage and perform (or some would call it, ‘stand there and look cute’)  Was there any real ballet moves being done?  No, not really.  But it’s all about the experience (at least that is what we tell ourselves and we pay $50 for each girls costume!  Yikes!!)

From June 2009
From June 2009

some day my prince will come…

Rilyn had her 5th birthday party on Saturday and we invited Cinderella to be our hostess!   She was lovely and the big surprise was Prince Charming popped in to present Rilyn with a diamond necklace!  (Really Prince Charming was Rilyn’s aunt’s boyfriend who is such a sweet heart for renting a costume!  And it was totally his idea!)  Rilyn was very shocked and started blushing!  Her party was so much fun because I didn’t have to host it!  (I highly recommend this route in party planning!)

I always wonder why you want to ‘hit’ your favorite character.  You would think the pinata should be the uglystepsisters or something.
So this is how Rilyn’s face was the whole time Cinderella told the story about how she got to the ball.  It was so cute!
Let me tell you, she wanted very badly to answer every question that Cinderella asked!!  And she got every answer right too!  “Who knows the names of my stepsisters?  What is their cat’s name?”…
Prince Charming, Rilyn, and Cinderella
Rilyn wanted a Barbie Cinderella cake.  I like how Cinderella will even hold your child’s hair so it doesn’t catch on fire!

recital costumes!

Rilyn is in her 3rd dance recital dancing to ‘Broadway Baby!’

From June 2009

This is Ella’s 1st dance recital and she is dancing to ‘A Spoonful of Sugar’!

From June 2009

The actual recital is tonight so wish them luck! (Although no matter what they do at this age, it’s adorable!)

From June 2009
From June 2009

My photography business!

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