happy mother’s day!

First, let me say Happy Mother’s Day to my dear mom!  I love you!

my sister, Jessica, brother, Jeff, my mom, and me!

For an early Mother’s Day/birthday dinner, we ate at The Melting Pot. The dessert was amazing! Dipping brownies and strawberries in chocolate and peanut butter is probably the best taste ever!

look at that chocolate dripping off of my strawberry!  Yum-O!

Here is Ella ‘toasting’, (and obviously she enjoyed the dessert as well!)

From May 2009

The kids all planted some flowers (ok, maybe not Asher…) next to their footprint stone in our front yard for Mother’s Day. How sweet!

From May 2009

The best part of the day was after church when James and Jeff Richardson took all 6 of the kids in one car and brought them home so Jen and I could go out to a leisurely lunch and shop! Wow!!! Thanks guys-that was the best ever!
I told James to take a picture of all 6 kids in the car so I could give him props on the blog!!!

Back row: Cole, Rilyn, and Ella.  Front row: Caden, Anna, and Asher

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May 2009

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