We had a pretty good flight to Orange County from DFW. (For those of you who don’t know, we are on a Disneyland vacation for the next week!) We gave Asher a 7.5 on a scale of 1-10. The flight was during his morning nap and so he had some fussy moments where you know he just wanted to sleep, but there was too much going on around him (we were seated right next to the airplane bathroom-oh joy.) So, finally, after several attempts at rocking him, we decided to use the germ-infested airplane blanket to cover him while he laid across me and my mom’s lap. It worked!
So, of course, the ever-so-predictable beverage cart rolls down the aisle and the stewardess asks me about my mom “is she nursing?” I was like what?!? Gross!!!  Okay, so I really told her, “um, no, that is my mom and her grandson is sleeping under there!” She said, “Honey, I’ve seen it all on airplanes. I’ve seen my share of 4 year-olds being nursed on planes so I’m not surprised that I thought she was nursing.” Again-gross.

my mom ‘nursing’         From 2009-04-18 disneyland

**yes, my mother gave me permission to post this. In fact, the first thing she said after the incident was, “You want to put this on your blog, don’t you?” 😉

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