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Our Ella Bella is “fhree years old” today.  She is our funny girl, carefree, and loves to cuddle.  She needs control though, and cross her path, she will let you know!  Life without Ella would just be boring!  If there is a hazardous thing in a 20 foot vicinity she will find it and either trip on it or run into it causing another bruise and a good screaming/crying fit.  She’s always good for a few stains on her clothes every day.  She loves to sing, to draw, and to run in circles till she gets dizzy and falls.  She is a girly girl and loves to play dress up and now plays Barbie with Rilyn.   Here are her three year portraits we got done today.

From January 2009
From January 2009
From January 2009

I’ll leave you with an “Ellaism”:
(Ella still REFUSES to poop in the potty-part of her control issues)
After Ella poops in her pull up she looks at James and says, “I made a snowman in my pull up.”
(If you don’t get this then you haven’t had a child who is constipated before.) 😉