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2009- a streak breaking year!

In this new year, I resolve not to be pregnant 7 years in a row.  That’s right-my womb is closed for business!  I’ve been pregnant in every year since 2003 and I think it’s time to end a good streak.

This is 2003, 3 1/2 months pregnant with Rilyn. Unfortunately, this is currently what I look like now…sigh.

From Rilyn’s first 8 month


From November 2005

2005-pregnant with Ella (and recycling maternity tops)

From January 2006

2006-I really must have had a bad case of pregnancy brain because why am I wearing horizontal stripes as if I’m not fat enough?  (I was only pregnant for 5 days that year, but as any pregnant woman knows, those last days are the hardest!)

From December 2007

2007-pregnant with Asher

From Welcome Asher!

2008-ready to go to the hospital (NO, I’m not a longhorn!  It’s just what fit at 40 weeks pregnant!)