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Hate is the word that comes to mind…

If you don’t know, I’m pretty anal about putting away holiday decorations right after the holiday. All the Christmas decorations were put away this past weekend except my wreath on the door because I thought I could get away with leaving it up for one more week.  Even Rilyn, noticing every discrepancy to the smallest detail said to me, “Why is our wreath still up?  Christmas is over.”  (She also told this to the Chick-fil-A employees today who still have their Christmas decor up.)  Well, I should of listened to Rilyn.

As a child growing up in southern California I despised birds. The seagulls would come up to my towel on the beach and eat my lunch. I specifically remember one of them grabbing my sandwich bag filled with oreos and flying off. I HATE birds.
So, imagine my horror when I opened my front door yesterday (from inside my house) and a big nasty bird was sitting in my Christmas wreath.  I shrieked, and it immediately flew into my neck/shoulder. I think it probably was the grossest feeling I’ve ever had.   And it even scratched my neck/shoulder with its nasty feet. Did I mention I HATE birds?  My Christmas wreath was immediately replaced with a wreath full of silver prickly branches for winter that I hope if a bird tries to nest in, they will die.

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Consequence for leaving Christmas decor up for too long.