home again, for a moment

We just got back from Christmas #1 with James’ parents in Fort Worth.  We had a great time!!  But, there is really nothing like coming back to your home-especially when your husband forgot to turn the heater on before you left for 5 days so your house is at a very comfortable 62 degrees.   After I thawed out, I downloaded a couple of cute pics from our trip before I have to start wrapping Christmas presents for Christmas #2 (our family)and #3(my family)…Merry Christmas!!

From December 2008

You must look stylish while driving around in Dallas/Fort Worth.

From December 2008

Asher agrees.

From December 2008

According to Paquette family tradition, it is customary to make your son try the lemon in your water several times while laughing as he makes pitiful faces.

From December 2008

Here is Rilyn showing us a good time at the bowling alley. Woohoo!

From December 2008

Wrapping paper-it’s whats for dinner.


1 Response to “home again, for a moment”

  1. 1 jen
    December 27, 2008 at 5:52 am

    yes, we came home to a chilly house as well – 58!

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