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merry multiplication

Today I hosted the 2nd annual Austin Stone Community Church neighborhood Christmas party.  Last year, we had 7 kids (4 families) in our neighborhood that went to the Stone.  It was so manageable that we could take a picture like this:

Halle, Cole, Rilyn, Ellie, Ella, Malachi, and Anna        From December 2007

This year, however, we had 21 kids(from 9 families)!!! And yes, we all live within 5 minutes walking distance from each other and we all go to The Austin Stone. Crazy, I know. I guess we could be considered a commune of sorts. Anyway, we had a great party! We had lunch, crafts, decorated cookies, heard the Christmas story, and had a book exchange. Sadly, we could not get all 21 kids into one shot this year so this is the best I got of the Christmas party chaos.

Christmas book exchange game               From December 2008

Amidst all of this fun(remember 21 children) there was, however, one casualty at my house. (Warning! This picture is graphic.)

From December 2008