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scary Santa

My girls and Santa don’t really get along.  I guess maybe because we don’t emphasize him at Christmas time.  The other day, Rilyn’s hairdresser asked what Santa was going to get her for Christmas and Rilyn asked her, “Who’s Santa?”  The hairdresser looked at me a little shocked.  I was too.  But, I think she would of recognized his name if she would of said, “Santa Claus.”  (She is really into ‘last names’ right now.  She told me that Jesus’ last name is “God” the other day.)

Hey, nothing is wrong with the fake man, I always take my kids’ picture with him each year so I do give him a little props.   I just rather talk about baby Jesus.  So, now we are in countdown for Santa pictures…3 days left.  Will Asher continue the ‘Paquette pout’ with the big guy?  I’ll be sure to post!

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