We’ve managed to go 4 1/2 years with kids without going to the ER.  I think that is a pretty good run…

Tonight it ended, but with good news.  No stitches for poor Ella on her busted lip that she did at a friend’s house.  The cut is inside her top lip and pretty deep (hence the major swelling)  Since she is a thumb sucker I just wanted to make sure everything was okay in there.  Doctor told me to have her wear a mitten to bed so she wouldn’t suck her thumb for awhile.  I paid $100 copay for that wise advice.  Thanks doc.

From November 2008

From November 2008
From November 2008

By the way, like any normal mom, I took my camera to the ER where I took these shots. What?!? You don’t take your camera to the ER?? Well, you’re missing out on some great photo ops!! 😉 (Yes, I’m that obsessed with scrapbooking!)


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