cleaning it out

Ella has a thing about cleaning the inside of a pumpkin.  She really hates it, but we make her do it because it makes for good pictures.  (Yes, that is really the only reason-don’t you know me?)  So here is the outcome of tonight’s “pumpkin clean” in pictures.

We asked Ella to draw a face to carve.  She challenged daddy with this.

From October 2008

I accidentally got wrapped up in taking pictures of daddy carving Rilyn’s pumpkin and that meant Ella had the marker unsupervised for too long and well, she really challenged daddy with this face to carve. 😉

From October 2008

Ella begins to pray as daddy cuts open her pumpkin that maybe, just maybe, this year she won’t have to scoop out the pumpkin guts.

From October 2008

No such luck this year.

From October 2008

“Oh gosh, this is so gross!”

From October 2008

Daddy can’t stand to see his beautiful daughter in such agony and so he rescues her. Ella’s pumpkin knight and hero!

From October 2008

stay tuned for more pumpkin pics tomorrow!


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