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a princess, a helicopter, and a pumpkin

Who could resist the Mrs. Potato Head pumpkins?  I saw them at Target and knew the girls would love them.  So, we ‘dressed up’ our pumpkins last week and put them on the front porch.  Rilyn proudly claimed that she was the princess pumpkin and Ella proudly claimed she was the “helicopter.”  (I can’t blame her because I don’t think we’ve gotten to the part in the Bible yet where we teach her angels have halos.)  😉  As for Asher, he doesn’t care that he doesn’t have a Mr. Potato Head pumpkin so he won’t get one until next year.  He is just our little pumpkin for now.  🙂

Rilyn’s princess pumpkin       From October 2008
Ella’s “helicopter” pumpkin     From October 2008
From October 2008