Time for a new blog

Okay, so I enjoy reading people’s blogs and get somewhat frustrated when they haven’t updated in awhile so I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what to blog about since it’s been a week since my last post…it’s been slow in the Paquette household these days-(which is a GOOD thing and I’m not complaining!)

Anyways! I was looking through my old yearbooks and came across my 6th grade one from 1991. In my yearbook we had a ‘Most Likely to Be:’ section and in my class of 46 kids, I was voted

Most likely to:

be President of the USA

be a Nobel Prize winner

live to be 100

be an inventor

Hmmm…not quite sure what that says about me but I think the overall theme is that I was a dork. 😉 Now I will humble myself and share my 6th grade picture with you. (Yes, that is a home perm).


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