I’ve been thinking a lot lately about now having a ‘middle’ child.  I don’t want Ella to get stuck and be the ‘lost’ child who doesn’t necessarily get all the high fives for doing new things b/c Rilyn already has accomplished them and then doesn’t get the attention the baby of the family usually gets.  Ella is our cuddle bug, our funny girl, our loud laugher, and our sobber who can’t catch her breath b/c she is crying so hard and passes out for a second.  She longs to be like Rilyn (copies what she says all of the time) yet she is definitely her own self who wants to let you know she is in the room!!

So, I’m intentionally going to start taking Ella out on a mommy and me day to do something with just her (okay, okay, so I got the idea from Jon & Kate plus 8)  So, here is some of my favorite pics of Ella this month.

big sister to asher

Ella learned to pedal this month

uncle ben’s arm

playing at Rilyn’s birthday party

typical Ella bite

uncle lloyd and ella


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