Surprise (Chocolate) Shower!!

Last week James told me that we had an ‘accounting dinner’ at Olive Garden on Wednesday night.  I thought this was kinda strange being that a big company like Dell would choose Olive Garden, (no offense to this delicious Italian restaurant which I love!), to host a company dinner but was like oh well-it gave me a reason to shower and put on decent clothes (neither which I do these days b/c I’m 36 weeks pregnant and have 2 kids under 4!)  So, you can imagine my delight when my good friends, Jen and Leslie, surprised me by taking me to Olive Garden instead of the supposed company dinner to celebrate Asher’s upcoming arrival.  I was touched and thought nothing of it when they said afterward we were meeting at Angela’s house for dessert and to open a present for me.  Well….when we got to Angela’s house there were 20 people all waiting for me to celebrate Asher!  There was chocolate everything b/c my friends know me so well.  So, thank you Jen, Leslie, Angela, Diana, and Yuna!  You truly made me feel very loved and even more excited for Asher’s arrival!  (And James did a great job lying to me too-I truly was surprised!)


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