January 2007 Update

Ella turned the big 0-1 January 5th.  We had family come to our house to celebrate her big day.  She had to being awakened from her nap to join the festivities so needless to say she was not in the best of moods.  (see video)  She loved her cake as you can see from the pictures!  Ella is about to walk, she takes 3-5 steps by herself right now so Rilyn is looking forward to when Ella can chase her around the house.  She loves to wave bye-bye and kiss things now too-very cute!  Her new word this month is ‘night night’.
Rilyn is being potty trained (attempt #….I lost count).  She is doing really well this time though, so maybe it will stick!  She really wants to fill up her sticker chart so she can go to Chuck E Cheese!  Her favorite tunes these days come from the Pocahontas soundtrack and her favorite cartoon is Wow Wow Wubbzy.  Pizza is her entrée of choice and the last time she had it she told us that she likes the frosting on the pizza best.  (Referring to the cheese as she peels it off the top to eat.)
Well, January has been a busy month for us as we found a home in Manor, Texas (30 minutes from downtown Austin)!  Why Manor you ask (population 3,000)?  Well, it is a long story, but it is definitely a God thing!  So, we close Feb. 26th and then we have a lot of repairs to do (we bought a foreclosure-what a deal!!), and so we should be moving in at the beginning or middle of March.  Our house hasn’t sold yet in Houston, so that is our BIG prayer request!  Also, we would appreciate your prayers for a smooth transition to Dell in 2 weeks.

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