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December Update

Ella and Rilyn had a wonderful Christmas!  We spent Christmas day in Fort Worth and celebrated again with my family later that week.  They are SO blessed to have amazing grandparents on both sides of the family who shower them with love and of course gifts!  This was Ella’s first Christmas and she wasn’t too into opening presents.  In fact, a lot of the time she would put on a pouty face and cry if too many people were looking at her.  I think the holidays were too much stimulation for her!  Rilyn was more than happy to open all of Ella’s presents for her though!

Ella points at everything now and mimics sound really well.  Her first word (besides mama and dada) was ‘ball’ and she says ‘uh oh’ and ‘wow.’  She loves throwing things off of tables and saying ‘uh oh’!  Ella must be going through a growth spurt because she just has to eat everything we are eating PLUS her own baby food.  I’m sad to say she has had plenty of pizza, french fries, and chocolate already! (maybe we as parents should get better eating habits!)

Rilyn continues to make us laugh daily.  She picked up a bent french fry and said, “This french fry died so now I’m going to eat it.”  She was getting jealous of me rocking and feeding Ella a bottle once afternoon and climbed up on my lap with Ella.  She said, “When I get bigger, can I be a baby and drink a bottle like Ella?”  I love her childlike innocence…

Our big news is that James just accepted a Financial Advisor position with Dell in Round Rock, TX.  We really wanted to be closer to family and so we felt it was the right time in our lives to make the big move.  We currently have our house on the market and will soon start the house hunting process in the Austin area.  James starts his new job in mid-February.

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